Documentary Project at C.A.C Grammar School, Akure

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The saying that “there is sure to be something big that you can fall over or into if  only you dare set the sail of vision” came to reality after our Documentary Project at C.A.C Grammar school Akure (23rd October, 2014)as its effect was sharp on the students.

A pupil in JSS 1 Rachael Otubo ran straight to me weeping profusely. Coincidentally, her present life and family condition was a reflection of Ben Carson’s formative years.
We had to conclude on starting a foundation on that spot and luckily I had my friend, Hon Tayo Abidakun around (who I was meeting for the first time on that day), who is a former member Ondo state House of Assembly and an Educationist. He spurred us on liaising with the school and on the 18th November, 2014, he offered Rachael a scholarship covering her School fees, text books, after school tutorial and a new pair of School Uniform, bag and others.

My joy knows no bound to have facilitated this process, moreso seeing lives being touched and transformed in our outreaches.

It will also interest you to know that i went in to C.A.C with a next door neighbour who just finished his school certificate but didnt make all the required subject to proceed to the university. The ondo state school cert exam is so unique that if you do not pass all subjects at once you must return to SSS 2 and not SSS 3, so you have to spend another two years. This neighbour of mine had refused going back to his former school where his Dad insisted he returned to. He had thought his former juniors will sneer at him and the attending shame as well had made him declined returning to the school. But to my greatest surprise he told me he is going back to same school that evening after watching the documentary and the following monday he returned to school. He is yet to tell me of students raising jeers at him but I have seen a new person with zeal and determination to make it. 

i call him and others in this category and to all that have been inspired along this line of The Prospects youth and community engagement  MY CHAMPIONS!

our own better way of expressing our gratitude to God and man is simply #Givingbacktothenigerianpublicschools#

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