A Case for Volunteerism to Rid Increasing Un-Employment

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According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Volunteerism is the act of doing voluntary works in Communities service

Selfless services to ones community is neither a new concept nor uncommon activity but an endeavour whose benefits are yet to be grasped by all

In this special report Oye Agunbiade examines the untold gains of volunteerism as well as how it could be engaged to reducing unemployment among graduates

Speaking on the benefits of volunteering, the chairman ondo state wealth creation agency Mrs. Bolanle Olafunmiloye and a civil society volunteers coordinator, mr martin mary falana pointed out that the opportunity thereof were unlimited

Mrs Olafunloye noted that the gains may not be that instant interms of financiall reward but the reputation thereof is a credibility that cannot be bought by money

The civil right activist, Mr. Falana who had earlier cautioned unemployed graduates against idleness encouraged them to get involved in volunteering as with it they could build experience for themselves which would stand them tall among others at interviews for jobs

They highlighted areas where youths could volunteer to include enlightening rural dwellers on health issues, tutoring school children and rendering help to the less privileged

Also speaking Adeyefa Oluwaseun and Lawal kehinde who have both volunteered on health and teaching admonished youths to take up the challenge of volunteering

They noted that people notice volunteers and whatever they do today would pay off for them in the future

Commenting a sociologist, Temitope Akinnola called on government to overhaul the entire school curriculum by giving priority to voluntary service so as to imbibe the gains of volunteerism in Students right from the school

On its part a motivational speaker, Eric Obuh popularly called vocal slender emphasised the place of vision and believing in oneself as a veritable means of tackling rising unemployment

Other people who spoke on relevance of volunteerism urged government to place emphasis on the quality of voluntary services rendered to the nation before considering individuals for appointment.

They equally called on ministries, agencies and N.G.O’s to be responsive by embracing graduates willing to volunteer with them

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